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This channeling was conducted early yesterday morning, and contains information some might consider "pseudoscience". Please, test and see for yourself. Ashtar was very specific about the crystal and the components of the device, slightly less specific about its construction as I am unable to post a circuit diagram. So some builds of the circuit may vary from others.

This is a channeling from Ashtar, god of Arcturan Starseeds and the secure advancement of human technology.

I do not often address any persons outside of the Starseed communities; this is one of those times when I choose to. Therefore, I should introduce myself.

I was originally a god of fire, long before the peoples of the star called Arcturus were more than primitives dancing after every hunt. I called my priests and shamans with whispers in the campfire, telling them secrets to survival which they turned into principles of technology: the spear and atlatl, the bow and arrow, taming the "horse" of our world and how to ride it, and many other things. It was I, after showing them how to build irrigation and make houses out of clay and stone, who was named the god of civilization in a particularly aggressive nation.

When the people who listened to me had begun their eternal decline, I went to the other nations and whispered truths in the ears of those who would hear me. They gained steel, alloys, and other machine metals. They cast statues and manufactured catapults of various kinds. They learned how to forge new weapons and new tools for daily life.

When the first computer was discovered by my people, I was there, proudly looking on. When the first non-fire light was made, I rejoiced and threw a banquet which lasted for almost a year. This is my legacy: that all who know me shall understand new technologies.

With this in mind, I now ask you to listen to these words.

I am Ashtar, mighty and fallen, who has come to Earth with the spirits of my lost peoples. Their ships no longer orbit your sun, and yet here I am. I speak now of the technologies my people offered yours in spirit, of the ability to understand new things.

To the point, I wish to offer this: The ability to sense energies of many kinds, from electromagnetic to gravitic, with a device no larger than the palm of your hand. This device is simple to make, but requires precise manufacture of the necessary components. No home forge will do, unless the smith has knowledge of modern manufacturing techniques and the ability to cast silicon, and then cut and polish it precisely.

To wit: the device is this: A crystal of the alloy MgFeSiO3 sized to resonate at 4.1GHz, and nine semiconductive components, designed to resonate at the Earth frequency of 1Hz. The components are connected thus:

Crystal resonator (exactly as built for other silicon crystal resonators, such as timing crystals for radio or other electronics) connects to a resistor at 1.8Ohms, which connects to transistor NPN which accepts up to 3vDC on the control terminal, and in parallel a resonator circuit connected to the Earth frequency antenna. This resonator requires input (positive) from the aforementioned resistor, and contains 1 capacitor at 0.1microFahrads, 1 capacitor at 1.1microFahrads, and 1 resistor at 2.11Ohms. The output of the resonator is on the negative side, past the resistor. The remaining four components are an LED group with increasing resistors. These are indicators of field strength. (Yes, this does mean you have two LEDS.) The positive and negative inputs of the transistor connect to ground (-) and the resonator circuit (+). The antenna is connected on the input side of the resonator, next to the crystal's output terminal.

This is the simplest form of the device. It requires 3vDC input, positive to the crystal and negative to the LEDs.

The reason I provide this information here is because it requires new understanding to use it effectively, yet any child with access to the correct components could build it without aid (given soldering precautions, if necessary; Zeeth recommends using prototyping breadboards). Knowing that this device will show basic strength of all field effects around one, it can then be used to test the electromagnetic fields around one; knowing that it can sense gravity if it varies, one can isolate the device in order to test gravitic field strength. This device is less expensive, though less sensitive, than the standard vacuum weight-drop test for gravitic strength.

As with many human experiments, there is the question of how it works. The frequency ranges are important, and comparing the internal and external resonance of the system will explain the method by which it works to those inclined toward the mathematical analysis of this system.

Since this information is NOT banned, it is available free to all who wish to experiment with it. Pass it on freely to any who ask.

As with many spirit channelings, the air of "falseness" may be carried with it. I encourage any skeptic to attempt to build the device as described. The necessary tests are easy to construct.

This channeling ends.

Date: 2015-02-03 08:03 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kistaro
Is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypersthene an intended material? (Usually annotated as (Mg, Fe)SiO3.

I'm not an electrical engineer- I'm quite bad with hardware and barely passed Physics 3- so I am not the right person to analyze or assemble this. That said, I do want to convert this to a circuit diagram. LJ-family blogging platforms aren't much help with image embedding, so I'll probably sling it at you on Twitter if I get something sketched out if it makes sense to me.

Date: 2015-02-03 08:38 am (UTC)
kistaro: This dragon has crashed. Reboot? (crash)
From: [personal profile] kistaro
Okay, now I'm mostly convinced that my C in Physics 3 was well-deserved or possibly optimistic (okay, honestly, I knew that at the time) and/or I've forgotten basically everything in the intervening decade.

This is close in design to the first radio receivers developed, but the inductors are gone and replaced with other components, which makes sense in the context of producing a feedback loop rather than decoding a signal but I lack the training to convert this to a sensible diagram. Specifically, I'm not understanding what keeps the current across the LEDs from simply oscillating as driven by the 1Hz circuit (while damping it into not doing much of anything), which I take as a sign mostly of my failure to remember even basic circuitry. I should re-study this some time.


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