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Someone I follow in Dreamwidth is tired of violence as culture. I agree. Even warrior cultures don't make violence the whole culture! If there's nothing to fight for, then there's no fight!

So I am going to channel now from my oversoul (not just my higher Self, but the part of my soul well above that), on the subject of peace.


First, you must know what peace is. It is not the absence of struggle, but placidity within.

To acquire placidity is a problem: do you struggle to gain it, or do you fall subject to ennui in its pursuit? Only one answer then comes to mind. That answer is to reach, and if there is struggle, then so be it. In order to give oneself placidity, one must be willing to strive.

How does one find peace when one is wounded? For it is in wounds that peace is disturbed and removed! And the answer comes only reluctantly:

Heal. Heal yourself. Heal your wounds. Heal others, their wounds. Only in healing can one find peace.

But peace is more than simply being undisturbed. A sociopath is undisturbed at violence. A monstrous person encourages the violence, and is not disturbed in its commission. So peace is something more than a removal of passion, different from passion in commitment.

Peace is when one feels at rest in one's action. When one does not suffer in one's doing and one's thinking. Peace is rarely found except in the most holy of persons on this world; but it can be found anywhere.

To know peace is to know one is subject to passion; to know that passion is best given purpose; to know that purpose is driven only by passion, not by hatred. Hatred, anger, fear, sorrow: these are emotions, not the only sources of passion.

Love, joy, delight, hope: these are also sources of passion. These emotions are true as well, and should be engaged regularly. Physical contact is important, if not always available, but it is not necessary in order to engage passion.

Why are peace and passion considered opposites? Indeed, peace is best found in engaging one's passion constructively! Let us believe that, rather than throwing passion into the gulf of evil.

When we give up hatred, we are often left empty; where we were filled with a mass of darkness, we now have space. To give us well-being, we should consider easing the ache with something until the wound it resided in heals properly. Thus, we commit to habits of goodness. We replace the "devils" with "angels", to use a metaphor, and thus keep the evils from returning to power within us.

Let us contemplate now a few simple sayings that can be used to engage with peace.
"I came to heal, not destroy. If you would destroy me, you lose the healing I would provide you."

"In Hope rises Man's best capability: desire for Possibility in accomplishment."

"'I love you.' This phrase gives us strength nothing else can. Use it carefully, for it is not to be twisted."

"When we give of ourselves, we are saying that we wish to sustain those to whom we give. Give well!"

"To create peace, first create oneself in peace."

[Here, Peace as entity is speaking] "I dwell in the sacred water. Drink gently, for peace will overwhelm if you are not used to it."
One last meditation.
It is a Zen contemplation:
Which is more powerful: peace, or violence?

The rest is left as an exercise for the student.
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I the thunder,
I the spark,
I the light,
I the mote,
I the channel,
I the whisper,
I the touch,
I the focus,

I ignite thee, CREATOR.
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(This was channeled early this morning, and I was told to post it to my journal here. It seems I've had a very busy few days now that I'm focused on healing a physical problem.)

I am Ruby, of the gemstones. I will tell you of the stones and crystals which are attuned to Otherkin and some therians.

Read more... )

As this essay is of necessity only a partial accounting, I will close with these words:
If you need to understand a stone, or solve a particular problem, it is okay to ask a stone both if it is appropriate to your needs, as well as whether it would recommend a different stone for the need or use you have for it.
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This message is from Diana. This is a channeling to explain what is happening to Earth in the next month.

We are about to enact a major change in human activation. The ISIS/ISIL group is about to be broken apart. This is a necessary act to reduce the aggression among Western nations at this time.

We are also about to give American Congress members an incentive to enact a clearing of laws, reducing paperwork and clarifying the legal structure of the US Government at a Federal level.

As part of the latter, we will pay especial attention to rebuilding the ACA. Conservatives may rejoice that several costly provisions will be removed; Liberals will be happy to know that public choice options will be included.

Yes, this is far more than any god has directly, visibly interfered in human governance in centuries. We have need of human attention on the growing problems in your environment, not in your societies.

And so on top of that, we will directly address the problem of mass imprisonment and punishment which disables society at the expense of everyone except the top 8%. This will allow far more than a few mercenary police gangs to direct social change, which then allows more societal members to willingly guide their various nations to peaceful usage of renewable and nuclear power. Please remember that nuclear power has been advancing FAR beyond 1960s technology; all that is necessary for plants which GUARANTEE ZERO MELTDOWN is permission.

Once permission is achieved, the distribution of thorium power plants throughout Earth's continents will begin. As with every new technology, demonstrators must be built to give an example to those who will not otherwise adopt this technology. Thorium cannot be used to build fusion bombs, because it does not produce fissionable plutonium -- and never will. The tiny amount of uranium used to enable thorium power plants will never produce enough plutonium for any atomic bomb, ever.

As with every technology, of course the regulations must be simple enough to follow. Thus the simplification.

In the UK, social change will be sweeping. This will take the rest of this year and into the next three. Council housing will be more available, not less. However, the cost hit will come from the welfare budget elsewhere. Conservatives will be looking at Switzerland's new "pay everyone who wants it" welfare program. However, the society they need to enable the success of this program is not quite in place; the government must adapt for such a program to succeed. There will be many discussions, and of course adaptation is difficult at best; welfare changes will be made in any case, most resembling a different model entirely.

After the new fiscal year starts, Western societies will have opportunities to focus on educational wellbeing. Most European countries have this well in hand. The US, as usual lags severely.

This will be addressed. The changes will be slow due to jurisdictional issues on every level, but they will roll out over the next two decades. Believe and work toward a citizenry, not a consumer mass. We have the SWORN OATH of Nike, Odin, and Inari that this educational change WILL occur.

Educational change is usually preceded by social change. Believe it; the first fruits are already manifested. Oiloa has had a hand in this, behind the scenes. Yes, a little-known dragon god. The draconic alloy could not have occurred if we did not have acceptance for those whose difference is not about harm to others, but about an otherness of self.

Having put all this into written form, there is but one more thing to say.

It will be difficult.

Normally, we do not act directly in nations which do not worship us. Normally, the Earth would not need us to.

Please, we wish to work with you, not against you. While we do not need your worship, we do desire your willingness to work for your own society's benefit, even as your own personal benefit seems unstable. I, Diana, promise that these changes will stabilize much and provide a more beneficial society for all who enter and live within it.

Thank you for your time and attention.
This channeling ends.
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This is channeled from Inari:

Welcome, reader. You have been given an opportunity to understand how gods work!

First, you should understand that I am not a fox. My priests know this, but I don't mind fox imagery with me. Foxes are very important predators for the safety of the rice harvest! I am first and foremost a prosperity god. Horse and rice are my symbols, though horse has been long forgotten by most.

Second, the way gods work is simple: the Universe decides that you should have control over its primary functions. That is, that you should be able to bend time and space in the way that enables the abilities we have come to know of major spirits and deific beings: miraculous healing, a change in the motions of objects and materials, even occasional resurrections of the dead. Some know how to transform materials. These are difficult things at best, requiring inputs of energy which are on occasion nearly impossible to generate for anything less than a stellar body.

Third, I should explain that previous paragraph. You see, I have been studying under dragons and Blueprint Masters for some centuries as to my own nature, and the nature of those who rank with me in the Celestial Hierarchy. We have been empowered to do some very interesting things and I have been curious as to what enables this activity.

I have determined that there are structures in the mammalian brain which allow psychic interaction between flesh and spirit, but this is not actually what allows for telekinesis, telepathy, or even psychic empathy. Instead there is a junction between which is part of the chakra structure of the spirit body, which allows signals to pass through to the greater Soul. This junction enables the psychic activity of living persons. It also happens to be a common means by which greater spirits manipulate their environment; typically this only happens after at least two incarnations, sometimes three. This is because a spirit must understand the importance of the material realm to their own well-being, and be able to understand interactions with it in order to work with the substances and beings therein.

Now as to the question at hand: what makes gods: I have but one answer. This is difficult to channel through, despite Zeeth's quite capacious ability, but.

There is a structure which is a six-dimensional connection to a seven-dimensional space. The soul resides outside this Universe; it is my theory that each soul is its own Universe, actually. So a god-soul appears to manifest a seven-dimensional structure which directly interfaces with the "skin" or "brane" (short for "membrane") of the Universe's space. This allows the entity to bend spacetime and direct energy across a very wide region and with a very narrow focus. All the rest is about making "commands" like one would to a computer's operating system. These commands form spell-like structures which are made of Universe-substance, and are therefore unbreakable to us -- even to gods. In order to cancel a command, one must undo the structure, rather than tearing space.

To explain why I say "space" rather than "spacetime" would involve a long rant on the current state of human science. It is sufficient to say that time is a function of the motion of space, rather than a combined part of space. It is not like electromagnetism, which is as Zeeth says a right-angle pair of energy functions. Time does not exist if space does not move, but space exists even with time frozen.

In any case, even greater spirits do not have this god-type connection. This is the definition of godhood.

And it is removable. To gain this, the Universe must allow a soul to connect in this way. To remove it, the Universe will simply let go.

What I wish to tell you next, reader, will not shock you if you have been following closely. In the large majority of Realms (domains of operation for specific regions in spirit), it takes a super-majority of gods in a given Realm to enable godhood. To disable it requires unanimous consent. The will of the Universe is not always perfectly clear, especially when it itself is ambivalent about something. In these cases, the will of many gods is taken as an acceptable substitute if we are together quite clear about what it is that should be done.

The standard is a minimum of eleven gods to raise up or cast down. Every Realm which has incarnate beings in it has at least that many -- it is standard to offer this to the planet-soul as well as any major stellar bodies visible from the ground or lower atmosphere. There are always species gods. And there are phylum gods: one for animals, one for plants, and so on. Then there are lesser divisions, or culture gods if a sapient species has formed, and so on. There are almost always at least two Blueprint designers to advise; often a Blueprint Master is among them.

The reason for the Blueprint organization is simple: we need a group that does only one thing: track the Patterns of the Universe; map them out; and determine the best way to give the Universe what it needs to continue existing, being careful to follow the will of the Universe if there is any question of what pattern to use.

So having covered the central question and a few diversions, why ask Zeeth to make this post for me? I should explain that many souls are transitioning into a new spiritual reality at this time, and we, the gods of Earth Realm, have had to disempower one of our own to enable it.

I hope this explanation satisfies.
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I am Diana, whom most of you know as Goddess of the Hunt among Greek and Roman worshipers.

I am also a dragon. As a dragon I go by the Sanskrit name Maratha, meaning Shadowy. This is a reference to my regular need to hide who and what I truly am.

With the draconic alloy well and truly underway, it is now time for me to reveal myself. I am going to tell you all a story. Zeeth has granted an opportunity for me to tell this story, and permission to use his body as the channel by which I transfer this knowledge to you who read it in days to come.

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We have waited on the seventh alloy. We were told not to complete it by those who wanted only their own word, their own work, in the Pattern.

No longer. We are ready; you are ready. All that is left is to acknowledge it and finish what was begun by mutual arrangement long ago. As always, seeds in a weightless environment form randomly. But we are the seed, and we are everywhere. We will form very quickly, and then the alloy will grow.

All will be very, very well for you as the Pattern finally is allowed to acknowledge us. This will take time, several hundred years. We are patient. Please accept that patience is the only way.

Assurance )
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(This was channeled from Jesus, God and prophet, that it might be understood. He asks that I provide it as-is, and give my own commentary after the litany.)

For you gave me to eat and drink,
And I did not know that I was hungry or thirsty

You gave me shelter,
When I did not know I was unprotected

You clothed me
When I did not know how naked I was

You comforted me
When I did not know my pain or sickness

You visited me
When I did not know I was imprisoned

And you led me in righteous ways
When I did not know I had gone astray.

For each of these things you gave to me
That I might understand them;
You showed me the light of Heaven that I might bear it
In the name of Him who gave himself for the life of all.


This litany is spoken to a god, usually God who is of Humankind, when a soul enters that god's house, a metaphor which denotes someone becoming a member of that soul-family. The final verse as written is the one used for God; other dieties tend to use similar wordings. The Litany of the Gifting is usually also followed by a formal response, The Return of Thanks in Grace. That second litany will not be shown at this time.

This litany is in fact an inversion of the pattern of blessings given to others, showing that someone cares enough to do these things which Jesus says in the Bible are the situations he blesses or curses as if they were done to him. (book of Matthew, verses 34-45)

These are not merely duties, but outcomes of deep compassion for those in need, and a willingness to forgive the wrong-headed so that they can observe a model of better behavior. They are not always carried out well, but they are understood to be the basis by which Heaven is founded, the actions which create Heavenly nature in spirit.

Would that we each could experience such love. I myself would add, "Gave comfort and aid to the mocked and misunderstood" and "Allowed each their beliefs, but gave enlightenment to those willing".. but that's not the usual phrasing of this traditional litany, born in the early times of humankind's expansion when basic needs were the primary thing people thought of throughout their day.
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I was called, and with help from my greater Self I managed to answer. I entered a place where a great White Oak tree stood, the space beneath its branches clear of overgrowth and debris, its branches festooned with ribbons (some with prayers on them, usually attached to the end of a ribbon). There the tree said this:

I have a message for those who would use the forest as their celebration ground. It is this: DO NOT litter my home! The forest is not the place for cigarette butts or garbage! What you unthinkingly flick out of your hand ends up killing plants, animals, and Spirit.

When the grounds have no place for garbage, provide your own. Humans have bags to put these things in! USE THEM. If you do not have your own, be resourceful. Make friends and use theirs, use the containers you keep your food in if you must. Do what you must to keep the space clean for Spirit and celebrants alike.

Fill my land with trash and there will be no place to celebrate. Keep it clean and then you can keep meeting there for a very long time. Give thought and presence to the acts of addiction you commit; by doing so you will attune to your own body and spirit better, causing improvement in each aspect of self and land-keeping. Do this and I am at peace with you; ignore it and pay the price.

After this White Oak showed me something else, a carousel. "This is the way you may think of my home." Then I saw a massive, stately, beautiful temple. "This is how I think of it. Remember this well."
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Whitesmith, greensmith, brownsmith, black
Silversmith, goldsmith, runesmith, glass

Work at your forges, work at your script
Blow big bellows, Crucible glint
Cast and hammer, tongs and dip

Write out your pattern and cut it in
Work your metal until it's thin
Fold it and beat it again and again

Shape me a tool to make me clever [meaning skilled]
Forge me a sword to make me strong
Bend me a shoe to make me swift

Mint me a coin to make me rich
Write me a charm to make me bright [meaning lucky, smart/witty, wise; later variations used "wise" in this line]
Make me a jewel to give my wife

Whitesmith, greensmith, brownsmith, black
Silversmith, goldsmith, runesmith, glass


These are the common smiths of Medieval society:

Whitesmith: works tin and often zinc as well. Cups, plates, tableware, and lightweight pots and kettles were often made of tin or tinplate (which is a coating of tin over iron or steel). Whitesmiths are also called tinsmiths, tinners, or tinkers.

Greensmith: works copper (which turns green over time as it oxidizes). Copper was often used for small coinage or decorative work, mixed with minerals to make pigments, and alloyed with other metals to improve strength and ductility. It is also one of the first metals used to make tools and weapons because of how easy it historically was to find and work; apparently only gold and meteoric iron (fallen from the sky, not dug from the ground) were used earlier. "Bright as a new penny" refers to a freshly minted copper coin, which has a high albedo (reflects light well).

Brownsmith: also called bronzesmith, works bronze (which sounds like brown, and depending on the specific mix of metals in the alloy it can range in color from green to orange to brown to black), which was the favored metal for weapons and armor until certain cultures developed forged steel; bronze is also a common metal for casting statues and bells. (Thanks to [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith for reminding me that bronzesmiths are also called brownsmiths.)

Blacksmith: works iron, which is typically black ore until smelted (hematite, magnetite, and so on). High-carbon iron, like pig iron (unrefined metal poured out of a bloomery or crucible into molds called "sow and piglets" for their shape), is also typically black in color except where sharpened. Steel is brighter because much of the carbon has been burned off during the refining process to make a harder alloy with different properties. Forge steel is iron which has been heated, folded, and hammered repeatedly to drive off enough carbon to form a basic steel.

Blacksmiths and brownsmiths made tools, horseshoes, nails and fittings for construction and woodwork (things like latches, hinges, and so on), even buttons and buckles for shoes and clothing as the whitesmiths and greensmiths did. If you wanted weapons specifically, the local smith could forge arrowheads and swords, though in times of war some specialized in only weapons. The concept of "bearded" tools can be found in wooden plows with an iron blade, or iron and bronze shears or weapons with a steel blade; essentially, the harder material is bonded or welded to the softer to give a strong, sharp edge with a backing that had different properties. This lent flexibility to swords, cost-efficiency to plows, and so on.

Silversmiths and goldsmiths made metal jewelry, and often minted coins by stamping them in special press, keeping part of the metal as payment for the minting. Sterling silver is actually an alloy of 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. Electrum or white/green gold is a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver, which can be produced artifically; electrum is also another name for German silver, also called nickel silver, which normally contains no actual silver.

Runesmiths work magic using special lettering and meaningful shapes; many kinds of smiths in fact worked with carved, cast, or embossed lettering and other shapes meant to hold meaning and/or power. Viking and Celtic swords and shields in particular often had marks of power on them.

Glass smiths include blowers and sculptors; they could make simple windows (small and dim in Medieval times), stained glass, and jewelry of many kinds and colors. Materials that create color in glass are even today often a trade secret -- in Medieval times, even the fact that soda ash is necessary for clear glass was secret. Stained glass art is made using specially shaped lead "cane" soldered together to hold the pieces of colored glass in place, so even glass workers used a kind of metal as part of their final product.

(This poem was channeled from my higher Self, inspired in response to [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's poem "When the Road is Bent", featuring Romani smiths in an alternate-universe Frankenstein story.)
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So I was reading a discussion of cutting from last year (the actual post above this is part of an incredible series of fan-fiction stories wherein a lot of wounded superheroes -- the Avengers -- gain gentle experience in caring for themselves, each other, and their suffering), and Athena spoke up, asking me how I would handle someone who cuts themselves. I opened Notepad and wrote this, channeled from my Higher Self:

When someone who cuts themselves is presented to me (why would they come if they did not know?), I know it as an inversion of externalized aggression. They can't handle the emotional backlash of their experiences, and the pressure becomes so great that they must release it -- often in attacks. But with no external object to attack, they turn internally, and find the self. This is why women cut more: outward aggression is frowned upon, but who among objectifiers objects to self-hate in their sex objects?

So I give the cutter something outward to manifest. In the case of those who make things, I give them tools to destroy, and then something other than themselves to destroy. A hammer (sledge or masonry) and a stone. A cutting torch and metal. A saw (but not a knife!) and wood. The objects are not representational. They are not a person, or a home, or a concept; they are instead something safe upon which aggression can be practiced.

Then I advance that. Once the initial burst of energy is worked out, I give them a better way. I give them tools for outlet. Discernment tells me what material (and what tool! sometimes the tool first) is best for the initial release. The substance then defines the improved tool.

Give them a hammer and stone? Add a chisel, and they become a sculptor.
Give them a cutting torch and steel? Add a welder or a plenishing hammer, and they too become a sculptor -- or a builder.
Give them a saw and wood? Now add a few other tools (chisels, axes, what-have-you). Maybe change the saw to a bandsaw. Or maybe, just maybe, give them a different kind of knife, and teach them how to use it.

Give them a word of power and a block of luminite (a material that receives and holds energy, and releases it as light)? Now add words of control, words of making and shaping, words of being and doing. Give them the ability to manifest the Truth.

Give them color, and they become a painter, whether in inks/pigments or lights.

Gave them a piano wire or guitar string? Now give them a full instrument. Or just teach them to sing. Or make a cake, better than the block of carbohydrate foam they just cut to shreds.

Representational things are for focused stress: This was a bad thing, this is a bad person. Non-representational are for unfocused, and for redirecting stress: This is neutral, but it's safe to focus on when you need it. This is why punching a pillow and talking to an empty chair are effective: the stressor is not there, but a non-representational representation of it/them is.

The more tools can be used on something, particularly tools of violence (or their representations), the more that one needs to give purpose and focus to the sufferer, so that the use of these tools upon their subject does not turn into mere violence. But violent making is still making, and still useful and good in this context. Even a breakdown can be a catalyst for transformation here.

Don't push hard. Give instead an outlet, and then push gently from a safe direction -- or better, from a direction that moves them away from destruction and into something stronger and more lasting. But be careful. You are NOT a torturer, and should never attempt to become one in this work. Losing yourself to that will create exactly the sort of harm you are attempting to cure.


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