Jan. 15th, 2015

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This post is channeled from my higher Self. It is not the personal opinion of any particular incarnate individual, but an aggregate. That said, it is also the aggregate biased by my soul, and my soul's experiences.

I begin.

To the thought of belief, one asks the question, what is it? This is the basis of understanding, but it is also beneath any who already understand what belief is. I will define it anyway, so we have a common ground for the following digression.

"Belief" is the continuing sustenance of a particular thought which founds one's action.
To wit: if one believes that Earth is alive as any being, conscious and able to communicate with others, one will act in a manner which implies this belief is true. If one believes that abortion (to be controversial) is evil, then one will act in a manner which implies this belief is true. This says nothing of whether these beliefs are objectively true, but rather concerning the thoughts on which a person founds their actions.

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This is the final means of testing belief:
By their fruits you shall know them.

This channeling is finished.


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