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So as I was reading a friend's journal and saw "strange" eating habits mentioned (knowing she was otherkin), I realized I was getting hints on something.

What would an elf like to eat?

Well... let's look at a couple of different things. First, relaxation. Tea is good, it's very common. But herbal teas work better.

Mint and parsley tea. Why mint and parsley? Because they have flavors which infuse together to produce a specific scent and taste that would feel very comforting to someone from Aelfar.

Another common drink (aside from flavored water) would be fruit juices. Try mango-raspberry as a good flavor sample of something you'd find in a grocery. (Mixing fruit juices at home is a fun experiment all on its own, of course.)

Next, how about a dinner meal?

Try a goat steak with maloberry jam or marmalade. Yes, hard to get hold of in some places, but worth the attempt. While cooking the steak, flavor it with sprinkles of pepper and cardamom. This flavor set should mimic a common farmed animal and sauce. Add in a small cup of ghee with a dab of plain yogurt in it (mixed), and a slice of fresh, crusty Russian-style black bread (hopefully from a good bakery). The buttered yogurt can be spread over the steak or the bread, though the bread was usually more of a sop than a side.

Wine of course pairs with this meal, but a young, low-alcohol (6 - 8% by volume) wine (not a wine cooler, just a young wine). A good choice would be some home-made muskmelon wine, flavored with violets. (Midori is a liqueur of muskmelon, not a wine, but it can be an acceptable high-alcohol substitute.) Grape wine would have been the wrong flavor.

Now, that's quite a rich meal. Something simpler would be a spring salad, with a mix of green bamboo shoots, red onions, fennel leaf and stems, bok choi, celery, and short (1 - 2.5 inches) carrot shavings (or carrot splinters, if you're good enough with a knife). You can easily pair this salad with the goat steak, but it would also be eaten in a "small meal" (more like a light lunch than a snack) on its own.

These are all imperfect matches, and may not be suited to your personal digestive needs, but they should be close enough to help if you have any recollection of life on Aelfar, or memories of being an elf. Please let me know what sort of experiences you have with this, good bad or neutral! I think these are some interesting flavors for humans, not just elves.

And do remember, any species that cooks will come up with many more recipes than just a handful, so try things as they come up! Sometimes a memory can be brought forth with just a scent or flavor, sometimes with more structured settings, like the full meal at table. Feel free to experiment on your own.


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