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O angel most high of the doomed and suffering,
Whose wings are stained with the blood of strife unwarranted
And the bearing of the lost and torn to Heaven,
Whose hands hold the wandering to their path,
Whose voice of compassion brings all to order
Be with me who cries out in my heart.

I ask you, Throne of Peace and Justice,
Throne of Sacrifice and Passage,
Throne of Heaven's Will:
Walk beside me, and aid that I might bear
Only the most necessary of pains in this transition;
That I might go where I am most needed for my Way and others';
That I might face the test unburdened by hatred and terror;
That the peace that surpasses all suffering
Lift me up to the Way that I must enter.

O ye who walk in the light and dark,
May you be given the lamp of knowledge and kindness
When mine is insufficient
May you be given the feast of heroes
When I am hungry
May you be sheltered by the powers that aid
When I am uncovered
May you receive the power of the healing Spirit
When I am broken
That when I am in need, you are able to share what is missing
And keep open the way ahead.

When we have walked the path to its end,
O please be honored with me,
Though we know the Duty of the Call;
For is is by the grace of compassionate love that we
Who have conquered in the name of Goodness
Have never walked alone!
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I'm asked by Dream, the Unicorn, if I would post something about the Four Agreements of the soul. I'm happy to do this, as it works well with the kind of spiritual work I'm doing to finish incarnating properly in this body.

The Four Agreements are the four things we ALL agree on to incarnate in a body. These four are also the four tests of whether a spiritual entity is a soul. If these tests are passed, Eternity should be present in a well-formed oversoul; if Eternity is not there, the soul is almost dead and must be revived immediately with loving healing.

The agreements are these:

1. Identity. If you are a person or know yourself in any way, you have an identity. The identity of others is theirs, not yours. Stealing, denying, or destroying this identity will create suffering, both in the person harmed and the person doing harm. This includes things like personal calling (which relates to lessons and healing work), gender identity, sexual preference, favorite color, and so on.

2. Form and nature. Every being has a form, a pattern or structure which defines their interaction with reality. This form does not have to stay static; in fact, the only "static" form anything has is the physical structure of their incarnate bodies, and even that might change over time. If you try to steal someone's form, you become a copy of them and lose your own identity; however, shapeshifting is about learning form, and thus is a kind of emulation until understanding is achieved. It is not stealing, but directly copying someone's face and form in order to impersonate them is considered a form of theft (literal identity theft, which brings us back to the first point).

3. Lessons or suffering. Everyone has lessons. EVERYONE. No soul exists without something to learn. Thus one must be ABLE to learn, or suffering is meaningless. Suffering without ability to learn is the direct cause of most destruction in the universe. It normally happens when something is already unliving, and thus does not need a soul to inhabit and empower it. Trying to learn someone else's lessons, or push them into suffering which is not their own, doubles yours: You end up having to learn both your lessons and theirs.

4. Love and emotions. Every soul loves. If a soul forgets how to love, it is no longer a soul. This is instant! The unloving being, being completely static, loses its ability to learn and take on new forms or increase understanding of itself. Love is the energy which allows us to change without destroying ourselves. If we destroy love, we are destroying something essential to ourselves. Sometimes this is necessary, as with a harmful connection to someone, but often destroying love merely creates suffering unnecessarily. This suffering that we don't need will add to our lesson load, overworking us until we finally HEAL the damage and cleanse the wound. Attempting to destroy another person's love doubles this, PLUS the gods or spirit of Heaven disapproves -- all spirits hate that which destroys them... which is where the Wiccan "Threefold Law" or "Rule of Three" comes from! "If you send out evil, it returns three times." Once for you, once for your enemy, once for the gods. "If you send out good, it returns three times." Again, once for you, once for your friends, once for the gods.

These are the Four Agreements. Thank you, and love and peace be with you all. :)
- Z, the new guy.
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The Council of Hospitality is a committee of Heaven dedicated to "Helping in every way we can, whenever we can, at what cost may be borne successfully."

There are nine primary members, plus one "outranging" or external member:

1. Committee chair, Carmen Trantori, Voudun Loa of Women and Human relations.

2. Jesus Christ, WHO IS Kheperu. He is the Master of Christ Consciousness for the current people of Earth, but also a teacher and guide through physical and emotional transitions. The previous Master of Psychology for Humankind.

3. Astarte who is Ishtar and Noe'e. She is the Goddess of Civilization, Justice, Sexuality, and Comfort for several species of this galaxy, including humans, Lyrans, and dragons.

4. Marcus Aurelius Apotheoi, the ascended Name of a human (Marcus Protestes maximus) who was granted godhood for his dedication to humankind and well-being as a sceptic ascetic.

5. Amaterasu, Goddess of Fire, Light, and the Sun, whose Compassion heals the world. She is the Japanese goddess who is present for all surgeries, and who cares deeply for the balance of human relations between men and women.

6. Verastes the Maker, dragon and engineer. A God of mastery itself, and a highest-ranking Blueprint Master.

7. Brigit the Forge, Celtic goddess of the forge and making, of Smiths and Bards, of warriors, women, and might.

8. Sekmet the Lioness, Eye of Ra. Her power is not merely violence, but wilderness; she is the power of the forests and deserts and all wild things. She is represented outside Egypt by the Cougar.

9. Ptah who is Coyote. This is Ptah the Elder, god of elderhood and aging, as well as Coyote the Clown and Trickster. His dual nature in this case allows him insight into those who are "liminal", meaning they are barrier breakers and crossers of lines drawn by others.

And the outranging member is Anyus Sevaya, meaning Vision the Elder, Goddess of dreams, vision, psychology and understanding. She is the current Master of Human psychology under Heaven.
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(Written by the seat of my pants, with minimal editing. Let's see if I can finish this, or only get partway into it. Inspired by [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's poem "Simple as a Glass of Chocolate" and the comments below it, as well as recent personal events.)

T'e-ma Huollo was a creature of another world,
Walking ethereally through ours. Her heart
Echoed with the songs of ages, her mind
Was filled with thoughts of wisdom
Fully distilled.

She looked like beauty itself,
Youth and age and form mixed all together
As in the reflection one sees
In the divination well.

Upon her brow was a horn,
Curved, with a slight twist.
Her hands and feet were like no
Living creature on Earth, formed
With horn upon the ends, but not hooves.
Fingers and toes bent delicately
To grasp their respective tasks.

And when she spoke, it felt like
The songs of the Universe
Echoed around the listener,
Leaving impressions of emotion
That colored her words.

But this is not what made her so alien.

It was simply that the world she walked
Did not know her, did not know itself
In her presence, for her power
Was alien spirit made flesh.

Read more... )
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"A broken love leads to broken healing."

I figure it's been a while, so I need to say: I normally post everything on my journal openly. I made that decision when I realized that certain things were happening which meant that I could choose to hide something or just say it openly.

So. Be warned, there are things in this post that will disturb some readers.

The gods did something that led to a dangerous problem, because I was hiding information. They took certain materials I hold in spirit and attempted to remove them from my care and distribute those things across Earth's spirit realm. By force, using subterfuge.

This backfired badly enough to make ALL of them reconsider the act. The Director of the Blueprinters for this galactic region came in to review the situation. This is someone who outranks the local High Master Blueprinter (who also happens to be a greater god). The Universe itself literally gave the major perpetrators a spanking.

So things are now, FINALLY, changing for the better for me. A few revelations of proper licensing later, and we can all be up-front with each other.

But it meant that we now must confront an ugly truth )

The cleanup is going to take a while. It took twelve years to get this far, after all, with me pulling away as hard as I could. We'll see just how long it takes to get everything back in its proper state and location.

And if there is more to discover, then I am going to do my best to make sure that it IS discovered. No more hiding this from me. We could have been a lot further along if only I had been listened to when I said "I got this." But nobody asked who had clearance to know.

I'm gonna be pissed off for centuries every time I think about this.
Worst. Incarnation. Ever.
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So I was reading a discussion of cutting from last year (the actual post above this is part of an incredible series of fan-fiction stories wherein a lot of wounded superheroes -- the Avengers -- gain gentle experience in caring for themselves, each other, and their suffering), and Athena spoke up, asking me how I would handle someone who cuts themselves. I opened Notepad and wrote this, channeled from my Higher Self:

When someone who cuts themselves is presented to me (why would they come if they did not know?), I know it as an inversion of externalized aggression. They can't handle the emotional backlash of their experiences, and the pressure becomes so great that they must release it -- often in attacks. But with no external object to attack, they turn internally, and find the self. This is why women cut more: outward aggression is frowned upon, but who among objectifiers objects to self-hate in their sex objects?

So I give the cutter something outward to manifest. In the case of those who make things, I give them tools to destroy, and then something other than themselves to destroy. A hammer (sledge or masonry) and a stone. A cutting torch and metal. A saw (but not a knife!) and wood. The objects are not representational. They are not a person, or a home, or a concept; they are instead something safe upon which aggression can be practiced.

Then I advance that. Once the initial burst of energy is worked out, I give them a better way. I give them tools for outlet. Discernment tells me what material (and what tool! sometimes the tool first) is best for the initial release. The substance then defines the improved tool.

Give them a hammer and stone? Add a chisel, and they become a sculptor.
Give them a cutting torch and steel? Add a welder or a plenishing hammer, and they too become a sculptor -- or a builder.
Give them a saw and wood? Now add a few other tools (chisels, axes, what-have-you). Maybe change the saw to a bandsaw. Or maybe, just maybe, give them a different kind of knife, and teach them how to use it.

Give them a word of power and a block of luminite (a material that receives and holds energy, and releases it as light)? Now add words of control, words of making and shaping, words of being and doing. Give them the ability to manifest the Truth.

Give them color, and they become a painter, whether in inks/pigments or lights.

Gave them a piano wire or guitar string? Now give them a full instrument. Or just teach them to sing. Or make a cake, better than the block of carbohydrate foam they just cut to shreds.

Representational things are for focused stress: This was a bad thing, this is a bad person. Non-representational are for unfocused, and for redirecting stress: This is neutral, but it's safe to focus on when you need it. This is why punching a pillow and talking to an empty chair are effective: the stressor is not there, but a non-representational representation of it/them is.

The more tools can be used on something, particularly tools of violence (or their representations), the more that one needs to give purpose and focus to the sufferer, so that the use of these tools upon their subject does not turn into mere violence. But violent making is still making, and still useful and good in this context. Even a breakdown can be a catalyst for transformation here.

Don't push hard. Give instead an outlet, and then push gently from a safe direction -- or better, from a direction that moves them away from destruction and into something stronger and more lasting. But be careful. You are NOT a torturer, and should never attempt to become one in this work. Losing yourself to that will create exactly the sort of harm you are attempting to cure.


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