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So... apparently one of my nephews is a therian (chinchilla). I knew this a while back, but he just keeps confirming the observation. I haven't noticed his spirit manifesting the outward form, but the way things are going I'm not sure it will for a while. Certainly his behaviors do, however.

The other one has the Sight (he can see spirits and probably auras), and probably other psychic abilities, but he's so young he can't talk coherently about what he's seeing (and some of it obviously scares him). But he came up to me and kept saying "Momma" at me when I was relaxed and manifesting my feminine side (my body is male). He didn't want his mother, he was apparently just making an observation.

I haven't said anything to my sister or her husband about this, as there is visible disapproval and denial of my abilities in my blood family. But it's clear that these boys need someone like me in their lives, so I suppose I have to do what it takes to stay present and available when possible. Eventually they boys will want to talk to me privately, and I'm hoping that won't explode like a nuke when the time comes, because if asked direct questions I'm going to give direct answers.

This is the unpleasant side of living in a family that's only somewhat open-minded but thinks they're educated enough that it doesn't matter.
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