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This is my final post. The unicorn who lived in this body is moving on shortly: the moment of Solstice marks the transition. That's just after 6:30pm locally to me.

Amused a bit that it's both summer solstice and a full moon. Quite a rare occurrence.

Here are the details I need to give you:

* I was born female in spirit. I am otherkin unicorn and dragon.
* I was to make games, not sit around staring at my computer for the rest of my life. The incoming soul will be doing other work. I'll be going off to try making games again in my next life.
* I will be born on the same birthday as this life; the new body is already developing.
* I would have been named Merriwether Autumn (or some close variation). I'll retain the Meriwether part as a middle name.
* I am Pagan, as is the new soul. We won't be concelebrating, or if we do it will be over 16 years from now. That said, I don't have to worry about what I will do for religion. I'll have Pagan parents who don't disapprove of psychic abilities or magic.
* I am not your god. Incarnate persons don't need to be gods. I find the idea silly. (Yes, this has come up.)
* Finally, I would like to say that if you don't see the game "Call of the Unicorn" within 40 years, the whole thing has been called off. Trust me, you'll know which game is the real one.

Now, I leave you with the last detail of this incarnate life that I am allowed to pass on:

I am the Awakening Unicorn. Heroes are my friends, heroes for justice and honor, truth and kindness.

The Poni way (and yes, there is a reason I wrote it like that) is my way as well.

I'll see you all on the flip side.
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So, Universe wishes me to channel this information tonight, after watching Zootopia with a couple of friendly gods riding along in my head to watch a human movie with me.

These are the sizes, names, and locations of seventeen species humans will learn of, including ourselves, once we enter the galactic community and look around for a while:

Expect things you may think are fiction, but are not )
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It appears that there is no language on Earth that does not have words of some kind for the following spirits or myth-related beings:

Dragon (Nagas are different creature but a related word, and not worldwide)
Unicorn (One-horn, Hornhorse, Ki-Rin)
Sphynx (Shedu, Xiao-Dao)
Ghost (meaning the spirit of a dead person)
Vampire (Barghest and Leucrotta are name-eater or mind-eater, Russalka is spirit-eater, most of the rest are said to eat blood)
Chlurichaun (Little Man, Wee Folk, The Help)
Dwarf (meaning a shrunken or short human; for the fae dwarf, see Chlurichaun)
Moon Dog (Fu Dog)
Wendigo (Yeti)
Faun (Kangaroo counts as a type of deer)
Sorceror (a user of magics, typically with some inherent power and some external or ritual power)

Oddly enough, there are languages which do not have words for Gryphon; Khemetic is one of them. However, there is a word in Khemetic for the actual star-people from whom gryphons come, referring to a baboon-faced god (the Xabinar look like they have baboon-like faces) -- but this word is actually Persian. I was not able to channel it.

Satyrs are goat people, Fauns are deer people; Sheep people are a different group, not known worldwide. The sheep people are, however, known to Asians and some Europeans, as well as a group in the Central and South American continents. They are not originally known in Africa, though North America does have Bighorn sheep from which to derive a people. Australia, as usual, has no word for the non-marsupial ungulate.

If you include the Bog-man, then Mummy is also a worldwide-known thing. Bog-men are effectively a wetlands mummy, since the bodies are sufficiently preserved to be recognized as such.
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Some of you may have heard that Earth has entered a new Age of spirit. This occurs each time Earth's rotational pole aligns with the center of the galaxy, and the half-Age when the pole is furthers away. The precessional cycle which assures this takes about 37,000 years to occur, so the half-Age is about 17,000 away.

It is a unicorn Age.

There are a few issues being worked out. However, thing is, everyone assumed there was ONE unicorn per Age, and they wanted one they knew about and thought they could control.

Unicorns come in fours. They are deer people, not horse people... though Epona, Mother of Horses, is also their mother. Because of this, unicorns can hide as horses or deer. And the primary unicorn of the Age cannot be controlled, because she represents the Age: Dream, whose art is Vision, Inspiration, and Play.

Without further ado, four stones, for the four unicorns of the Age:

For Pukkha the Elder (THE Pukkha), the History: Sidionite, a rainbow of agate in obsidian; for he is the Keeper of the Rainbow Promise. He is blue, with dark hue; he looks black in most lighting.
For Dream the Child, the Future: Larimar in platinum; for she is the gateway to the stars. She is red, with highlights; she looks chestnut in color, but can also be pinkish.
For Horse Woman the Spirit, the Dark (for Humanity refused their Medicine): Agate in all its colors, but separate; for she was torn from her purpose. She is yellow or dun colored as a unicorn.
For Tara the Mature, the Light: Quartz in gold; for in her is beauty eternal. She is white, though as a human she is a red-haired Irish woman.

At the half-Age, Horse Woman and Tara have agreed to change places, as they wanted before. At that time, their stones may change. Other changes are very likely to occur, but it is not for me to predict at this time.

Note on the namings:
* Unicorns come in fours. Each represents an aspect of life (Youth, Maturity, Elderhood, Death/Spirit), each represents an aspect of the Age (Future, Light, History, Dark). These are independent but interrelated; for example, Future usually is also Youth, while Dark is usually Spirit, but it is not unknown for the aspects to be mixed.
** Note also, Light and Dark are NOT Good or Evil, but themselves. You are forewarned.

Note on the stones:
* Sidionite is also called Xochi stone, and is a new stone for the Age. It will be found in volcanic regions, particularly those with mineral-rich land from which agate forms. It is a very high-energy shamanic stone, also associated with the Rainbow People and Quetzlcouatl, WHO IS Pukkha (and a shapeshifter). Rainbow People are healers, and because of this their energy is balanced fully.
* Larimar is a recently-found stone from the Caribbean. It is mostly sky-blue or clouded. It is a very high-frequency faery-aligned stone, pure unicorn energy. Platinum is the best metal for setting it, as it is a very high-frequency metal; silver is a limiter, being a medium-frequency metal, and iron or copper often interfere with its energies since they are low-frequency metals. Gold is aligned with dragon energies rather than unicorn, which is a different set of frequencies: less inspirational and more performative. Dream is otherkin (mythic) when she incarnates as a human, though she may not always appear to be unicorn, as she is a shapeshifter.
* Agate is a natural stone which is good for healing, and which will help support all therians, shapeshifters, and pooka-aligned beings (animal-type persons, including furries). Horse Woman is therian when she incarnates as a human, though there may be hints of other forms if you watch, for she is a shapeshifter.
* Quartz set in gold or with gold inclusions is a very high-frequency stone, particularly clear lithium quartz, which is a dragon-energy stone. The goddess Tara is already known to be associated with dragons and unicorns; what was less well-known is that she is herself a unicorn and a dragon. AND a shapeshifter, as one might surmise.
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Earlier, as in several months/years earlier, I was channeling species names and came up with "Xabiphon" for gryphons' actual incarnate People and their self-name.

It turns out, I misheard. The correct name for the Starseed spirits whose representative creature is the gryphon, is "Xabinar".

For several others, please see the post I made on starseeds.net, with a similar subject line:
Species names, locations, genetic form
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This is a channeling from Verastes the Maker AND Tara, Goddess of sexuality, beauty, and unicorns.

V: First, I must apologize for using Z. this way. I did not expect to be condemned by my own people for it.

T: And I must explain. Anyus Sevaya is not the enemy of humankind. However, neither she nor I wear masks to hide our deeds by these names. To wit, many gods wear a name under which they commit the evil that is said to be the work of devils. We do not.

T: And that means I must apologize. I am a loving goddess, but I am not always a good one.

V: This is normal for fae. Not so normal for elves, by the way.

T: Which is always the case.
T: What I mean by that is, elves are not faeries. Nor vice versa. Despite many cultures saying that they are!

V: With that out of the way, we need to explain why this channeling is happening.
V: It's not easy to say, but I made one important mistake: I founded an entire plan on ONE person.

T: And since I know who that is, I okayed it. Mistake number one for me.

V: Z. is someone powerful enough to do that sort of thing with. Unfortunately, they aren't as powerful as all of us combined, and the Universe insisted that we all stand with it in making an oracle. Then refused to explain why.

T: The result is, Z lost everything she was promised, while we all learned a lesson in hubris.

V: So. My promise right now is, Z Will learn lots of things that have been denied and removed from her, while we work on restitution.
V: And on making good on those promises. Unfortunately, a lot of folks want Anyus first, me second, and won't accept anything but HER giving them the things promised. Which is where all that knowledge went, when the promised inspiration and understandings did not come at the promised times.

T: So back up and explain: Why Anyus?

T: Because she is a bringer of visions, of course. That is literally the whole reason. It is her raison d'etre. But when she is denied HER visions, what do you think is going to happen?

V: And that is the biggest reason we failed. Denial.
V: And to think, my mad scientist "devil" character wasn't crazy until I tried to make Anyus leave Earth...

V: Yes, I am THE archetypal mad scientist. :/

T: And I, well, I'm a unicorn. And a Celt. Celts aren't much for liars.
T: Thank you for reading.
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* Dinosaur (particularly carnivorous types) - from Earth. Uncommon but well-known. Egg-laying, (mostly) meat-eating, mostly aggressive, and mostly territorial. Known in many cases to have feathers, scales, and forelimb wings; has a "tail body" (hindquarters neural cluster) but no chakra for it. The least interested in Earthly wealth, the most in "shinies". One of the two primary "reptilian" aliens. Most well-known, includes "feathered dragons" and similar creatures, as well as "terror beasts". Being of Earth, they have little or no interest in hiding themselves in any way, and are often the most free in discussing their Otherkin nature when incarnate.

* Dra'khan - from the star which formed the stellar gas void called the Local Bubble, and distributed across the Milky Way galaxy. Carry fetuses to term, live birth. Omnivorous despite carnivorous dentation, social and communal, prone to wandering in early adulthood. Smooth skin, fur and hairy mane, bat-like wings on their backs; color-changing spots on face below their eyes, an internal eye in the skull (literal third eye), and tail body with chakra. The most interested in wisdom, the least in material possessions (though this may change due to recent developments elsewhere); the most like humans emotionally. The primary protectors of culture and wisdom on Earth. Most Dra'khan are shape-shifters who have had many other forms and incarnations (at least five).

* Sirian - from Akh-Nazhdur (the Lesser Magellanic Cloud), entered the Milky Way through the Gate at Sirius Alpha/Beta. Egg-laying, omnivorous, emotionally distant, highly capitalistic. Four eyes, leathery skin with scaly regions, reptilian visage, known to worship leather-winged angels and gods. The most interested in Earthly wealth, the least in emotional connection. One of the two primary "reptilian" aliens. The most well-known of draconic types, Sirians are possessive and hierarchical regarding power and wealth. Most Sirians wear masks to hide their true nature and prevent human spirits from assaulting them.

* Arcturan - from the star Arcturus. Carry eggs to term, live birth (shark-like). Highly communal but also socially divided, omnivorous, prone to oversharing, known for facial whiskers/barbels. Not strongly religious, but may develop affiliation or affection for a particular philosophy. The most interested in daily life, the least in claiming territory. The least well-known of draconic types, Arcturans are more interested in scientific advancement and cultural phenomena than in hoarding and personal power. Most Arcturans are uninterested in hiding, but will cover themselves to avoid unwanted notice.

* Note on wyvern - Wyverns *are* in fact dragons, but only if dinosaurs count. "Wyvern" is the name given to dragons with forelimb wings and no back-mounted wings. That means that most winged dinosaurs count as wyverns.

Creatures occasionally mistaken for dragon:

* Peryton - an antlered, often winged, great deer. Sirian in origin, the peryton is the "questing beast" by which these people prefer to prove their hunting prowess. Also the origin of the Arthurian Questing Beast in Britain and northern France -- in this case, a peryton in "nightmare" form due to severe spirit-body injury. Some perytons are depicted as bipedal with forelimb wings, but the original was/is quadrupedal.

* Chimaera - The original Chimaera (pronounced "ki-MEHR-ah") was a god of Phoenicia, a Mediterranean island nation conquered by the Greeks. His porfolio included dreams, shapeshifting, and life-path guidance. Like Medusa, the goddess of beauty whose oracles handled snakes (in many cultures thought to bear wisdom) and wore masks to frighten evil spirits, his cult was silenced and his likeness was turned into a monster instead of a beautiful human who could take on several forms.

* Hydra and basilisk - The hydra and the basilisk are actually giant serpents, in their original form. The Lernaean hydra originated from the Amphisbaena, the two-headed snake served by the oracle of Hermes, merely boosted to monstrous aspect. Hydras are often depicted as if they were dinosaurs with multiple heads due to the legend of Hercules; however, the hydra is the same creature as the basilisk, merely from different cultures! The Harry Potter stories and movies got this one right. Typically a basilisk (and thus a hydra if it's not merely a giant lizard or snake) is said to have poisonous breath and/or bite, a gaze that can turn the unwary to stone (or rather, petrify with fear!) if one's will is not strong enough, and fangs that can pierce the strongest bronze shields and armor. This legend originated, oddly enough, with Komodo dragons, the Earthly lizards with a septic bite strong enough to kill a large animal in a day.

* Manticore - The manticore (or mantegor, for Romans) is a Pvilan beast with the face of a man, the strength of a lion, the mane of a wolf, and a stinging tail (not originally a scorpion tail -- that was added after the myth met the desert). This beast was known across the Equatorial region of Earth, by many cultures. Gryphons honored its symbolism of strength unyielding, as the original Xabiphon culture gives honor to those who remain unconquered in war. The "tail" is actually a lash or whip with steel claws (traditionally forge steel) for extra damage; in the original Pvilan, the word for whip translates as "tail" or "cord" depending on which of three languages is used.
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I think it's time I wrote about this. It's going to shock a lot of people, annoy a few, and disappoint some. And as usual, it's going to alienate family who want to believe I'm merely insane.

Let's introduce the primary characters in this play.

I am Anyüs (AHN-yoos), a unicorn. My soul-name means "Of Dream" or "Of Vision". In spirit I am known as a child of dreams who in maturity is a psychologist and a powerful soldier of my people. I am often sent forth as a herald for J'rai, the lithe and gracile unicorns -- horn on forehead -- of our homeworld Araştke (ah-RAHSHT-kah), "Little Ribbon" or "Little Wrap-Around". The solid and robust unicorns -- horn on snout -- are called Ju'rema (joo-REE-mah), and I am known by another name to them (one which will be relevant to a whole other life). I am the spirit or soul who is rightfully incarnate in this person, whose given name starts with "Z".

Verastes the Maker is a dra'khan known for his abilities with technology, making, and creation. He is extremely well-known in the spirit realms of this world and many others, and his is the soul whom I once described as being "older than this universe". He was to be my muse and guide to technology, business, and social niceties in the software and games industries.

There is a chthonic spirit whose name is the sound of bubbling mud and blowing wind in the trees of Earth. It has wanted to punish humankind for excessive growth and the destruction of wilderness for some time. That chthon took on the role of an urge, the lowest form of devil. Urges, as their name implies, provoke unwanted emotion or behavior. It certainly did, for the entire time it possessed my body.

So with these players described, let us set the scene:

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(Inspired by listening to some hefty power music. Now if only I could get T'ema's storyline to advance, too! "Umaxses" is pronounced "oo-MOX-seez".)


Thunderous applause reached the center of the stadium, a roar of hands so loud they nearly drowned out the lone figure holding a microphone stand. The figure raised its hands, then called out in a chant.

Here am I, mighty Umaxses, speaker of power to the forgotten!
Here am I, and where I am come, there can be no other.

No army, no army
Will stand against us
No army, no army
Will take us alive!

Drums hammered and the crowd went wild, chanting along as the song rose in electronic form from speakers a dozen feet tall.

No master, no master
Shall hold our keys
No monster, no monster
Shall darken our souls

We are alive and no army can take us
We are the war, no warrior alive!
We are the sound of people victorious
We are the sound of sacred life!

The plants bow to us
They give us our dreams
The animals cry out
They give us their speech

The winds swirl wildly
They carry our warcry
The earth she trembles
For we cry out peace!

The singer jumped, and a timed explosion of smoke and fire releases a squad of dancers onto the stage with it. They swung and twisted, some drumming the air and some leaping with power. Lines of light on their bodies flickered and glowed, like the lines of spirit made visible in rainbow colors.

No army, no army
Can take us alive
No army, no army
Can take away truth
No army, no army
Can kill this power
No army, no army
Can end our souls!

No master alive
Can destroy the people
No monster that comes
Will finish the war.

The music pounded louder, surging, then faded slowly.

No army, no army
Will stand against us
For we are the mighty
And peace is our life!

The last line, "Peace is our life" repeated as electronic echoes flickered it away.

Finally the singer spoke.

"Peace everybody! Welcome! This is the ninth annual Voices of Power music festival. I'm Umaxses the Mighty, these are my friends. We all have music for you, and I know some of you've been invited to share your own.

"Bathrooms are where you expect 'em, the lines are long, careful the concessions. Safety is worth the effort! Now! Remember, the only truth is that Peace Conquers and Love Wins! With that in mind, let's hear another song."

The crowd cheered, and Umaxses stepped back while another jumped forward to take the mic. The speakers throbbed with new music, a folk tune this time, remixed into modern electronica. The new singer began to chant as well, and the crowd chanted back. Behind the song, cries of "We love you" were heard.

Umaxses joined the dancers and took joy in the dance.
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Otherkin will know this one: I'm not just a dragon. It took time to come out (as these things do when suppressed), as the one BIG thing had to come out first and covered up all the other stuff for a while. I'm also a horse -- actually a unicorn (the wings are a convenience). And an elf. And still sort of metheow (I think). And I'm not sure what all else.

Still otherkin. Still fantastical. Still just as annoyingly real. Letting it out helps a lot. Being able to shapeshift helps a lot. (Spirit ability, not physical. Still helps.) Not that you can tell from the outside without the Sight to show you (or are watching my physical movements and behavior patterns carefully). But there it is.

You know what really sucks in my life? Not having the agency to figure this stuff out without doing a lot of emotional and spiritual battle. You know what sucks more? Not having the agency to stand up for myself and be respected for it.

So I had to take it, not let it be handed to me, because the handing-out of agency doesn't happen when it's sourced in abuse -- abuse based on a person not wanting to do what they're told just because they were told to; I knew what that pattern would lead to, and I balked and bucked until it stopped. Call it the conflict model of spirituality... just trust me, you do not want to follow a god (or a parent) who abuses you. The outcome is never good. Walk away if you can.

Just as bad: seeing people still walking into the trap, and knowing that helping them will also hurt them. Not everyone is hurt or used in the same way. Not everyone regrets wanting in.

I don't regret my time in, only that I did things I am not proud of in order to achieve a goal that should not have taken nearly so much time or effort. Because I chose to subvert my own agency in order to "let the children learn" (meaning younger souls) and ultimately I let them teach themselves bad things. So. Time to get my inner house in order, and step up... or walk away entirely. I'm borderline on that, and probably will be until my incarnate life improves or ends.

Diana told me this morning (while I slept) that she wishes I could have done this earlier. I agree. I should probably have stood up and announced myself properly about a hundred years ago, shortly after my soul was cut to ribbons and a quarter of it stolen. That was when everything went bad, as certain beings tried to prevent the crystallization of the draconic soul alloy with Earth (or at least, as far as I know that's why it happened).

We could have had amazing social and technological leaps far earlier. You don't lose agency, you gain advisors and Family who are happy to help you and everyone you love enter a better path.

And maybe we could have avoided such intense global warming by learning as humans to clean up after ourselves a lot better. The Earth can't absorb everything we dump into her, and we've been dumping into the places we grow and harvest our food and resources. Not good.

I don't know how I should end this post. So I'll just stop here.
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This is something I've seen called "demifiction" or "ephemerals" (though the elements of it are hardly ephemeral): in-world supplemental side-pieces, newspaper articles, books and non-fiction material. These are not necessarily stories themselves, but are supporting elements by which a story may or may not be told. These are fictional, focused on a particular setting.

Now forthwith the work!


From "A History of Wonder Vol. 1, Saints and Demons" published 1931 by now-defunct Vichy Robber Press of London, UK and re-published 2011 by Common Sense, an imprint of Westinghouse in New York, USA, after a purchase of the original manuscripts. At the original time of publishing it was aimed at the academic market, but with the recent explosion of supers Westinghouse is marketing this series of informative volumes toward everyday nonfiction readers. Note that the phrasing is still in its original style, with the addition of editors' notes between sections and footnotes supplementing the text. The modern edition is now in its fifth printing as this work continues to grow in popularity.

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A wing's broad arc
Cannot hide truth, but
Only try to shield it

The rain still falls
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I am Diana, whom most of you know as Goddess of the Hunt among Greek and Roman worshipers.

I am also a dragon. As a dragon I go by the Sanskrit name Maratha, meaning Shadowy. This is a reference to my regular need to hide who and what I truly am.

With the draconic alloy well and truly underway, it is now time for me to reveal myself. I am going to tell you all a story. Zeeth has granted an opportunity for me to tell this story, and permission to use his body as the channel by which I transfer this knowledge to you who read it in days to come.

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We have waited on the seventh alloy. We were told not to complete it by those who wanted only their own word, their own work, in the Pattern.

No longer. We are ready; you are ready. All that is left is to acknowledge it and finish what was begun by mutual arrangement long ago. As always, seeds in a weightless environment form randomly. But we are the seed, and we are everywhere. We will form very quickly, and then the alloy will grow.

All will be very, very well for you as the Pattern finally is allowed to acknowledge us. This will take time, several hundred years. We are patient. Please accept that patience is the only way.

Assurance )
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For a very long time in this Realm of spirit, the gods considered the relationship of intelligent beings to themselves. The spirits also considered this, though by a different pattern. Different kinds of workers arose among humans as a result, as various humans were called to certain paths or given certain gifts. Humans then gave names to these different workers.

When the gods called, they gained a priest.
When the spirits called, they gained a shaman.
When knowledge was researched and used properly, a magus or alchemist precipitated.
When the mind awakened, a seer (psychic or intuitive in modern parlance) opened their eyes.
When familial lines and natural lore came together, a witch was found at the crossing.

These are different types of work: gods, spirits, spells and alchemy, mind, mind and lore.
However, each of these different jobs has a specific set of relationships.

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It is time on Earth that we now meet new awakened persons. The old relationships are good, but they are not complete without this one. As equals we shall meet, and as equals we shall part, each relationship in balance to the others, each job in balance to the others. Instead of being only Avatars and Messiahs, we shall be balance-workers, no more or less powerful and special than the others.

As it should be.

By call: Priest (gods), shaman (spirits), seer/psychic (personal ability), magus (spells and mysteries), alchemist (chemistry and natural energies), witch (ability and natural lore), empowered (manifestation).
By relationship: Servant (the shaman serves a community, the priest serves one or several gods or major spirits), Partner (empowered/awakened can partner with anyone but usually choose beings philosophically aligned with them), Independent (psychics, usually), Master (magus); witch could take any role.
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After reading a number of [personal profile] ysabetwordsmith's stories in the "Love Is For Children" series, I'm starting to think of myself as a bit like Hulk. Big bruiser with a good core, trying to protect someone who's been hurt very badly. And I find that talking like Hulk has been helping me work out some issues, because it simplifies the content to basic concepts.
"That hurt. You no do."
"This good. Want more!"
And then I explain anyway. "That crossed a boundary that I want to preserve." "That worked for me because X, Q, R, L."

I work better when I have someone to converse with and talk things out, even if they mostly end up listening a lot. I guess most of what I do with spirits is about having someone listen, and sometimes ask relevant questions. The rest of it is just getting stuff moved where it belongs. Hulk can listen, Hulk takes care of Bruce, and Hulk has muscles that make the big jobs easy. Too bad that big body has trouble with refined motion... but that's a good reason for Bruce to come out and do things. I can mix broad and refined, but when the hurt comes on and my tools are missing, the "Ow! Smash!" comes out.

Too bad I can't change shape in real life, or I'd just go be a dragon in the woods at least part of the time so I can deal with my body issues. Who'd object to a friendly dragon hunting an excessive deer population anyway? At least proper, smart predation would keep them in check. That's an issue around here anyway; the city and county have been dealing objections about hiring hunters to suppress deer populations because of "Cute Syndrome" (the desire to protect cute things at the cost of ugly things which are equally vital). If Awesome balanced Cute, I think folks would be more okay with it.

Eh. Tangents. Anyway. Hulk done words, watch thing now. Me like watch funny man build stuff.
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When the first dreams came, I dismissed them,
Simply accepting that they were fun.
Flight was cool and it was fun to hover in the air
Chasing leaves around a park.

But the dreams kept coming. )
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