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I have to explain. I'm the one which many of you have been looking for... and I'm going to disappear for two decades for most of you who already know me. I mean, my soul will go be human elsewhere.

I have to go reincarnate and grow up again.

And then. THEN. THEN I can make a game called "Call of the Unicorn." THE game. The one I promised on my soul, at ALL costs (or very nearly) to make. Because humanity needs it NOW -- or about eight years ago, shortly after Minecraft was released in beta. When the timing was perfect for us to answer a terrible question and put to rest the worst of evils the universe had to send us.

And this was the intro theme: "Two Steps From Hell: Neverdark" (also see the video embedded below).

I'm sorry, guys. We're just going to have to make up the difference, because "The past is spent. The past is spent, and I came too late to fix it. Poor world, fools all, that they know not what they have lost. *sigh* One more stone, and then I am done."

Plot of the game, damnit. Plot of the game. You'll understand when it comes. I just hope I can get a license for this one when I'm ready, or find an equally good artist, damnitall. I'm so sorry.

I'm not ready to say goodbye, but I have only a month and a week before I step out and let this other in.

I hope to UNIVERSE you are all ready when I put my gods-damned heart and soul into this (games) industry again, because I am still angry I had to leave behind so much of myself in this time now. I hate it.

Another post will explain the goodbye and hello to come. And I WILL give you signs to know me when I come.
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You see, instead of disappearing, they hid in professions nobody would realize were anything but ordinary... but sometimes one manifests a truth that could only have been heard by the soul. This person has to have heard this song from spirit, because I heard it as well some weeks ago.

Lyrics are shown on-screen, though the interludes are filled with "alien" text. They are reprinted here:


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Mar. 13th, 2016 11:52 pm
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So apparently, there have been five songs in modern English rock which were specifically written about muses. Here's the list, channeled from Gabriel Archangel, patron of the arts:

"Windy", by The Association (Windy, a gryphon)
"Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds", by The Beatles (Moxie, a unicorn; the title is in fact a reference to LSD, with which the band members were experimenting)
"Hang On Sloopy", by the McCoys (Sloopy, a phoenix)
"Quinn The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)", by Bob Dylan and performed by Manfred Mann (Eskimo Quinn, a human strongman/clown, also called Engki)
"In the Dark", by 3 Doors Down (Inari, fox woman / kitsune)

Notably, Windy loves to dance, Moxie is all about fantasy, Sloopy heals the downtrodden, Quinn loves to put on a show, and Inari wanted to show everyone her own chops at inspiration (rather than always being about money) and took on 3 Doors Down as a personal project for Gabriel just before the band formed.
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(Finally finished this one, which I'd had hanging fire for almost twenty years now.)

In acid I have burned
In acid I have died
In acid I was ended
Acid I have cried

In fire I was pure
In fire I was light
In fire I was broken
Fire's light has died

They took me to Earth
Gave me a life
Took it away
Buried me well
Shamed me forever

But above it I rise
Fire and dark
Acid it turns
To light in my eyes

I must fly!

Dark is my spirit
And shadowed my soul
But darkness is living
And truth must be whole

Poison my heart
And I will fly
Bury me deep
And I will fly
Kill me dead
And I will fly
Take my wings
And I will fly

To the stars I belong
And I must rise
No weight can hold,
No prison's wall
I am acid, fire, and light

In your dark I rise
And when you split the light
See every color shine...
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(T'ema is back. Just a slice of life, inspired by a prompt in the January 2015 Crowdfunding Creative Jam, from [personal profile] alexseanchai: "Dreaming is free". Obviously this is a bit more of a free-form inspiration than direct interpretation.)

T'ema Huollo sat on the city bus,
Watching her fellow riders
One rainy winter day
After the holiday season,
When depression became more obvious.

A woman was sneezing
"Hard enough to break her nose"
As T'ema's people might say
And a man sneered at her, but
Said nothing as she blew her nose.

A family with two children
Clambered on board, multicolored children
Swarming the middle seat-rows while
The adults gamely shepherded.
This woman was pregnant.

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Sometimes the songs we sing are bright,
Loud and free and full of light
Sometimes the songs we sing are soft,
Sweet and kind, hearts held aloft
But sometimes songs are very sad,
Expressing things we think are bad
Or telling truth we cannot say

We sing this song together now
To let us know and show us how
'Cause it's okay to feel this way
To remember and to say
That we are sad and want to cry
Or want to hide from open sky
And make the bad stuff go away

Fam'ly and friends, our kith and kin
We gather 'round and call them in
To sing the songs we used to know
And send them where we cannot go
So when we follow too someday
We'll know that love has come this way
And it will be okay

(Written Oct 26, 2014 for Samhain, in memory of Jim Henson, creator of the Muppets and the original puppeteer, voice and singer for Kermit the Frog. I imagine Kermit singing this song in Jim's kind voice, letting us know he's with us even now.)
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So I've been having occasional migraines for a few months. Those seem to have stopped, but I've noticed my sense of balance is a bit off (wobbly on my bicycle every now and then), I've been feeling exhausted at seemingly random moments (not just because of a daytime sleep schedule), and I've been having a sort of blurry feeling in my head every so often. Combine that with a few other bits of mental weirdness (entirely aside from being a spirit-speaker and psychic who cleans up after lost and troubled souls) and the only conclusion anyone including me could make has been "Something is wrong here." Thing is, things were only going wrong every now and then, but it's been getting worse and more frequent over time.

Early this morning, after wrestling with problems for hours, finally napping, and then waking up to an unusual pressure in my left ear, my spirit Guides finally out and told me I have brain cancer. I think I need to get some sort of insurance in order (I so distrust Indiana's "Healthy Indiana Plan" replacement for Medicare expansion, but it's what I have available to me) and finally go see a doctor to confirm/deny. I've been avoiding that moment for way too long, and it's going to cost me emotionally to do this, but I'm not sure I have a choice anymore. :/

In the meantime, spiritual healing is targeted and ongoing. The pressure in my ear is gone, but I've been a bit mentally fuzzy most of the day. I guess we'll see how that goes.

No wonder I've been commenting for years now on the loss of my ability to construct software, write stories and articles, and generally participate in life.

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